Dave Chappelle Socially Distant Comedy Show

Dave Chappelle was the first socially distant show in the United States.  During the Covid 19 pandemic we made sure that everyone was as a safe distance to be able to enjoy the show in this venue.  There were even face masks given out.  We were fortunate to have Stacey Harper send us a few!  The fancy porta potties were in a state of constant cleaning.

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch our GPS Drone Surveying.  Click on this text.

General Festival drafting

Brungardt Enterprises completes to scale drawings of festival sites, placing accurate stage, tent, trailer and other elements.  When an existing CAD background exists, we clean it up and utilize it as our background, making and necessary changes as needed.  When there is no existing background, we can do a GPS Drone survey to collect the necessary data to complete the background.  If you don’t have a budget for a survey, we can utilize satellite imaging to develop a CAD background.  The satellite imagery lacks the precision of our GPS Drone surveys but we can complete a fairly accurate layout.  Brungardt Enterprises not only provides a layout, but we can:

  • calculate crowd size

  • generate a legend with capacities of elements (tents, Port-o-lets, bike rack, etc.)

  • As well as giving total lengths of fence lines in all different heights

  • Scrim lengths on the drawing.


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