Outside Lands Festival & GPS Drone Survey 2019

Outside Lands Music Festival – San Francisco – Golden Gate Park

Complete High-Tech drawings and data

Brungardt Enterprises has provided the CAD services for the Outside Lands Music Festival since its inception in 2008.  To maintain the capacity needed for the mainstage, the backstage area on this festival is very tight.  The layout of the dressing room compound, administrative trailers and all the necessary elements behind the mainstage leaves little room for any errors.


As a result, OSL was one of the festivals to have us provide a GPS survey. Later they became the first festival to have us provide a GPS Drone survey and yearly Drone image as-builts.  Each year’s new layout has the precision of matching the previous year’s as-built conditions as well as having high resolution to scale images for reference throughout the drawing.  We also provide a GPS staking of all trailers, tents, and elements backstage of the mainstage as well as complete staking of the main venue and several areas throughout the festival.  Since the entire park is not accessible to the festival for setup all at once, many markings must be painted, or layouts generated with dimensions from existing reference points.  By using this service several days have been saved during the load-in and set-up process each year.

Watch our drone videos on our YouTube Channel.  Click on this text to send you there.

Please email or call us for a GPS survey quote or an in-house satellite AutoCAD drawing quote.  Email to:  pjb@b-ent.com or call 303-537-1285


Peter has been doing AutoCAD event layouts for over 35 years.  Starting out in the 80’s with Jake Berry doing the Rolling Stones and U2 tours.  He is the originator of this kind process and continues to the the driving force in this technology.


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