Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour Series was an enjoyable tour to work on.  I worked with Tracy Greenwood and Brian Petree through many revisions including stage and local fire marshall updates.  Through these revisions, we were able to make it possible for Garth Brooks to set some new attendance records including Broncos Stadium in Denver.  The previous record in Denver was set by U2 in 2011 with an attendance of 77,000 people.  Garth Brooks drew in 84,500 fans for an amazing show.  His organization had a family feel to it as Mrs. Greenwood is the wife to Mike Greenwood, the band’s bass player.  I felt as if I was a part of the band’s family even though I will never sell out a convenience store let alone a stadium.  This is definitely one tour I will never forget.

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As concert tours went from just using house stages to complex custom stages, and festivals grew from single stages to the packed fields of today.  Brungardt Enterprises has been there to make sure ticket sales are maximized and all festival elements fit.


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